Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I don't know how long I've been in vietnam for..2weeks I guess. Anyhow, I have had the most amazing time here! I reckon it's the BEST HOLIDAY YET! (it's my dad's gift for finishing the hsc)

um went on this tour that covers heaps of vietnam cities. Nearly every night, we sleep in a different hotel. The hotels are located in the main shopping (aka CBD) areas of each place (pretty hectic :]). We board this mini coach to tour around yes we've(my family, aunts and cousins) been eatting and sitting for the past 2 weeks :L. Each day we explore interesting places for each city. Anyways, on the first day I flew from Syd to Darwin to was a 12hour trip I'd say. We visited dad's rellies on the first 3 days and then we were off to saigon, which was where the tour started.

I can't remember the order of the cities but we went to: binh duong, saigon, can tho, chau doc, mui ne, buon ma thuoc, pleiku, hoi an, hue. Will be going to the beachy place nha trang later and back to saigon for more shoppping and theme parks WOOO! The hotels all have brekky buffet.. no wonder I'm gaining so much flab :L for lunch and dinner we go to eat at posh-ish restaurants there is usually one other table dining or no ones dining ..which sucks. Anyhow the rooms are crispy clean and really nice (3 star hotels aren't bad, we went to one 4 star hotel) The food is great! I really love the 'che' (sweet ..beveragee thing). I've grown immune to the stares from the viets how can they tell that we're tourists when we don't even speak viet!..Or try not to anyways (: Anyhow funny thing happened yesterday, our family walked down this busy shoppping district and a tour advertiser asked mum where she came from, mum: "I am from Korea" (so that he'd go away). He started talking in poor english about korea being near vietnam...and folowed us. I saw this nice clothes shop and called mum: (in viet) "mum I wanna go in here." ...-sprung- damn I blew our cover. Anyhow I have spent heaps of money..well for HEAPS OF it doesn't count. I've been getting terribly itchy mozzy bites gahhgjkhjk. be continued (off to bed for now )

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

busy beee busy bee

I worked today, will work tomorrow and on friday. I actually enjoy catching the train in the morning and after work when the sun is setting and the view from macarthur station is soo lovely(with that lovely meadow nearby). Downside? The hurlstone juniors crowding the train in the morning farr. Anyhow when I work the hours pass by so quickly and soon enough I have my lunch break. Since I know jack all about cameras ..and their lenses I usually serve customers with a great cheesy grin, in case I get stuff wrong then they cannot get pissed a the new trainee.Anyways I thought this was funny, but in my lunch break I went to grab an iced choc at gloria jeans. When they asked for a name I just said 'jenny' to remove the hassle of them asking for my name again and how to spell it. I waited nearby and when they called 'jenny' no one answered. I did'nt respond to the name jenny until 5min later...good job. Anyhow I served customers, printed stuff, unpacked supplies, priced frames and trolleyed a trolley of cardboard to the big recycler. I literally disappeared behind the trolley stacked with cardboard. So, from onlookers, all they could see is this trolley stacked with cardboard moving by itself. (: Why are the train trips sooo sleepy!
yes now I am off to bed *cough* more like watch one episode of my second drama ever LOL. goodnight my lovely bunnies!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

my awesome carefreee post hsc treatment

recap: on the night after phys quyen and I went to the city! We enjoyed fish and chips by the harbour, watching an awesome 'fiery' display by the waters (which made quyen flinch)lol. Oh yes we looked for the new Westfields and ended up walking for like hour, following quyen's instincts "Ooh a Westfields sign. let's follow it"...which led us to some random hotel. mad quyen. LOL. Anyhow, then we pursued a wonderful shopping experience at market city. One of the stores sold really reallly cheap dresses :o we spent agesss in there. (: Next up, Chinatown! We spotted these handsome/ hot non asian boys modelling for a shoot in china town. Then next up, PHOENIX! The karaoke room was really really mad! Wwe sung for an hour for $5(great value)! *sorry for hogging*

I learnt how to drive yesterday! My first drive everrr! Dad taught me the basics, aka the hand brakes and what not. I drove up and down the street. Then dad's like(while I was driving on a straight strip of road), "turn left here".
me: " WUTT! I can't turn! I don't know how to turn."
I just missed the pole by a few metres. nice. Then when I learnt how to turn, aka only one turn ... dad's like okay now up ahead turn left on the main road then back into the next street. * freak show expression on my face* me: MAIN ROAD??? not gonna die .

haa.... good times (:CAn't wait til my nest driving lesson.

OOH yes! I have a new carr!....well my parents have a new car, a white lovely nice one that looks very luxurious. Heaps better than the green wombat mum drives in. WOO!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

summer summer summer

*high school musical scene*
What time is it?
Time of our lives. Anticipation!
I am anticipating the end of this physicsss exam! Only exactly 12hours to go! Soon it'll be single digits! SO excited about finishing! I have been waiting for this moment for soo long, too long I reckon.. That's right miss proactive right after hsc, I will not sit around "NO sir no!", I will go places do things I've been putting aside since the start of year 11. Firstly, starting with a city trip tomorrow! (:
I'm gonna dress up for once, no more dressing like a guy (hoodie/guy tee + tights everyday). I cannot wait to watch the sunset by the harbour, must must see! I hope we make it on time ^^. Gosh I use so many exclamations and hyper talk! Wouldn't this world be a great artwork if it were painted in colours or animated xD. I am currently on my physic break for 15min, wow studying has never been so effective. I can feel my blood coursing through my body at the thought of FINISHING EVERYTHING! Never have I ever studied twice as fast or felt the need to study this much before...maybe it's the thought of not touching physics ever again that is fueling my eagerness. Anyhow... there's exactly 9hours left to CRAM everything into my brain if I'm actually sticking to my 'ALL-NIGHTER FOR the LAST EXAM EVER' plan. I'm working my butt off like I will never study again (even though uni is even tougher, but I will forget about that now). looking less bomb at 1am

Friday, October 22, 2010

6hour sesh

Yesterday(aka several hours ago) was the most ..productive day in the week! Thanks to quyen, we studied for 6hours, exercised(by walking to cab), watched sunset at the local park and had dinner! (: YAYYY MY NET IS BACK! yess! Youtube here I come!...and then hardcoring for 4unit :L
... I was fiddling around with the photoscape filters

quyenn (:


Thursday, October 21, 2010

another lovely day at the library

I spent so less today :L only a papa roti bun and sugar cane juice (yum!). I am currently listening to music and msning fwensss lol. Today was a very good and productive day, nearly finished one math paper at a slow pace so I can absorb stuff. I keep looking at the answers HORRID! Newman brought his basketball today, yayyy to playing basketball at 5pm. lol AmandaT chucked the ball from the bush and it got in-holy cow- Anyhow, I just has steak with my family at this place in Canley Vale and now I feel as though I can walk a mile before I sleep! hehe I will diet for the formal one dayyy XD . random pics: lol poor babyjust random, wowww this is the prettiest thing I've ever seen
I wanna do this again this time around when we visit vietnam!
I found this pic lying on my comp woww how tann!

Friday, October 15, 2010


I had the best 4hours of sleep ever, right after that belonging paper. The english paper was not easy for me, people wrote so many pages compared to my...10 pages of writing. Oh well, I hope my stuff will do (: Sooooo relieved that I finished everything, I don't usually finish english papers LOL...actually any papers XD Plus belonging is THE WORST paperr ... apart from 4u math D: After the exam, justine, kevin and I decided to eat something at Canley. At first we decided to eat steak at that hotel/restaurant in Canley Vale. However, we had pizza hut instead ^^ and we sat at the park in canley. Eating pizza on the swings is heaps funn! Flopped on the bed when I came home, turned on my starry lights ^ ^ and didn't realise when my sister was sitting on the bed...just watching. o.O Anyhow, I am currently eating super dupers(or are they zuper dupers) yum yum. Anyhow, cool pics:how cute is this! whatta great find!just lol

aww poor kitty!
I think this retro disney princesses look is coolI wish this was my closet ): I would work hard to get a closet like princesssyy...
dream formal dress defs!bags light blue formal dress :L


Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Things that happen to my brain after a restless night:
(sister comes in to bug me awake in the morning)
Mai:wake up, rise and shine!
me: How many balloons altogether?
mai: none what?
me: there ain't any balloons (in a bomb voice) *snores*
mai: wth

LOL I honestly can't remember my dream, must be something about a party I guess

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dear diary,

Good morning blog, it is currently 3:21am on my un-updated clock(so it is actually 4:30). I am wide awake. My eyes feel dry, being stretched widely open. My hair is greasy and I am in my new jacket as well as my stripey boxers. The three bags of green tea has left me feeling fueled till now, it must also be those salted green peas I had a while back... 1am I'd say. My english notes for belonging for my first related text are nearly done. Just a few more techniques ^ ^. My related text is a film: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, directed by Stanley Kramer in 1967. I am currently listening to a beautiful guitar composition called Romeo and Juliet...I'm guessing it's taken from a beautiful and melancholy scene in the movie. The music is evoking all sorts of feelings in me.
ONE)Sadness... as I realise that my life is ticking, I cannot be with everyone...always. ): in order to prevent any feelings of regret, I will make every single minute of my life count. Every single day I spend with you will be a gift that I will cherish. Every second I spend with you is the greatest thing I could ever wish for. Friends? Family? I have been blessed to have these wonderful people around me, every relationship has changed me in some way... they have shaped me into the person I am today. (side note: this is starting to sound cheesy LOL like shit I find on tumblr hahaha)
Anyhow, these are my personal notes to my parents, as a sign of gratitude for having to put up with me:
dear mumzy: You have been such a great carer, guardian, best friend, best mother to me. You have always directed me onto the right track, your advice never falters or fails and I always try my best to follow your words because you have experienced everything I have faced and will face. Even though our adventures are quite different... our paths do meet occasionally. It's the small things you do that makes me feel...loved, like buying me Starburst lollies, or understanding me before I even mention the problem. For that I thank you.
dear daddy: You are my motivation. I appreciate all the care you have ever offered me. I love how you have trusted me, even though the trust meant that I have to meet a lot of expectations. (: I hope I can always bring a smile to your how you make me smile. Even when you give me hugs and I start whining ...I'm not actually whining inside teehee. I know this is a bit personal, but I will keep trying to get you to quit smoking. I must. I know I can.
gosh. why is this song so depressing. Time check: 4:oo on the un-updated clock. Waking up at 6 o'clock real time.

TWO)happiness... as I realise how perfect this life really is. The connections I make aren't merely coincidental, I believe that fate is at play here and so is luck. I would gladly say that I am lucky to be given such supportive friends. The flaws in my life only make me stronger, I grow with each mistake I make and I am still growing... I finally appreciate the different aspects of my identity (: this might sound like a rant about what I portray as my skills) I love my artsy fartsy creativity^^, taste in food and my not so bad voice! my dream person to be: an all-rounded person, one who is good at nearly everything XD

Anyways, I have finished my notes for my first related text YAYYYYYY! Now I'm off to start dreaming... or go into a deep state of REM since I'm gonna sleep for only hour WOW CRAZY LOL. BYEE! I LOVE THIS WORLDD!

me at 5am no make-up + greasy hair + new jacket :L

Monday, October 4, 2010

8 days left

It does not feel like the end of a year, merely a beginning to the life ahead of us. This big task we're about to face is simply another steppingstone we have to overcome in our life. Okay...*peels off mask* WHOLLYMOTHERFRIGGINGOD HSC is in a week's time. GOODNESS ME! TIME FLIES when I procrastinate! How on earth did a year pass by so quickly?!? With so much to do and so little time... I think I might have to pull allnighters this week. :/ I cannot go to sleep with a guilty conscious, that is why I always stay up to try and squeeze in an extra hour of study.

Anyhow, just a funny memory... when I was young, my sister and I would love following mum into the seafood stores. We'd look at all the different fish and interesting shelled creatures in store. We'd always have this mini competition, the person who would poke the biggest fish eye wins. I used to find that poking fish eyes is funny/fun and so did my sister. Wow what were we thinking!LOL

Okay that's it, back to englishing!

Monday, September 13, 2010

eyecandy post!

se7en!!! so hott
lee min ho
more lee min ho

Sunday, September 12, 2010

resisting master chef juniors

wow showering at night has a new meaning
how cute are those paul frank headsets
what fly shoess
so so funn

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

vocal drills

with the year assembly on thursday, I am friggin nervous. Yeah I can sing "I wanna be a billionaire" in front of quyen and a few friends but but on stage ?!? :o What happens if I testee-pop! Or trip over my shoe? Anyways, the group has not practiced yet-not even once together-good one guys. okay.. phew. hehe Today the english teachers collected the papers back to remark it because they marked it wrong LOL. Apparently, she covered up their faults by saying that there is this TARS teacher thingo that required the teachers to mark the papers again. haha.

Monday, August 23, 2010

100 facts

Yes I am bored and cannot be bothered to do anything at this stage iin the night, I will finish something later :L. So here are things you prolly did or did not know about me: is my FAV colour. (or turquoise)
2.I love my food. (jelly is my fave!)
3.I like playing most sports.
4.I love my little brother very very much! ..and my sister I'd love to invent/make new medicine to cure a disease or something. a vet, designer(anytype of designer)..not really sure about my future
6.I love art
7.I love dancing
8. I love singing
9.I love cooking (honey soy chicken!)
10.If I had a pet I would love a gigantic fluffy husky :3
11. I'm scared of midnight walks around the city
12.I hate scary movies, unless there's some comedy in there
13. Laid back, don't really act on what I want, unless I really want something/someone. I just let life flow and see what I get in the end.
14.I don't really watch what I eat-I eat everything-whenever
15.I don't really follow a set trend of style
16.Guys who are sweet talkers are a no-go. Especially the ones who act nice to you when they're not around their friends.
17.I have dyed my hair like 5times
18.I love changing dps or profile pics- I like change
19.Karma plays a big role in my life. If I injure my foot, I think I have done something bad to deserve it.
20. I like guys who smell nice
21.I don't mind a guy who is spontaneous
23.I have a dream catcher
24.I like strange things
25.I'm afraid of what people think of me. I can't help it.(its my weakness)
26.going to the temple has this calming effect
27.I'm a huge fan of GREASE(the movie)!
28.I love comedy movies
29.I tell mum nearly everything that I experience -yes boy talk too
30.I love going to the city
31.Guys with really nice smiles=YUM!
32.I stare at guys with mad hair, but that's just it
33.I pierced my own belly button once-yes call me a freak (it has healed now)
34.I feel lonely sometimes and wish some guy would drive me away in a mad sportscar. but what the heck stop dreaming and go into UNI tien!
35.The book on my bedside is called- Journey through the heart (it's about spiritual healing or something)
36.Sometimes I feel that everyone possesses a special power/talent that they have not discovered yet
37.Once when I was 5, I picked up my dad's just smoked cig and tried to smoke it but the smoke burned my eyes instead.
38.A huge octopus has grabbed onto foot when I was looking at the rock pools
39.I want black hair again ): I'll dye it soon.
40.If a guy ever sung a song for me, I'd fall for him..and it also depends on some other factors :L
41.My body is pear shaped
42.people who get a good score and keep complaining about it annoys me
43.I dig funny guys
44.I LOVE MILK TEA with pearls
45.Thai/Laos food is my fav > viet food
46.dislike my short eyelashes
47.wish my eyes could be a bit bigger
48.I like to meet new people, however my shyness stops me sometimes
49.I love giving people pressies or things that make them happy. I love making people smile ^ ^
50.I am a sweating freak!
51. I can make my skin goosebump whenever I want to-pretty queer
52.watching so you think you can dance makes me want to perform a routine with any male hiphop dancer controls my mood
54.Falling into the seaweed infested sea is my worst nightmare
56.staying up til 3am is becoming a natural thing to me
57.My guy friend will watch the Notebook with me...just because I'm a girl like that
58.Accessories that shout "princess" are worth buying. If anyone ever finds a bracelet/pendent with a tiara-tell me
59.Scary stories are more fun to write than love stories
60. I have a lip balm fetish.(especially nice smelling ones)
61.Haven't been to the hairdressers in about 2 years. I cut my own hair
62.I still play childish pranks on my family. (pretending to look at something funny then swapping the window when someone looks)
63.I wish to dress up for every Halloween's day and go trick-or-treating
64.Anything sad on screen makes me cry
65.Concealing my true emotions is what I do when I feel down- this does not happen often though
66.My family is not a healthy family-we eat out and junk food all the time
67. I love going to the pool and beach
68.Self-conscious about my image because I am fat
69.I always love to bear hug my friends - although I only think it because I can't always hug you
70.I have a ginormous appetite
71.Between 10 to 11:45 is my sleepy time...however when I step into 3am I am wide awake til morning.
72.massive crammer
73.I am a VERY passive person..that's bad
74. I think I'm somewhat sheltered and innocent.
75. Traveling the world is a dream come true.
76. music has a soporific effect
77.If I'm in the mood to dance...I really get down to it
78.cheesy pick up lines only work when they are funny :L
79.truth or dare? dare..truth questions are terrible! be continued....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The time is 2am. I feel absolutely great! I do not know why or how I came to feel this way. I have a legal paper pending for my stress and unhappiness, however, I feel completely and utterly happy. If I ever talk to anyone online and my conversations just come out like *click**click*, and you find that there's a lot of "hahahahahah" then it means that I'm in that happy mood again. This feeling is so exhilarating that I am actually enjoying studying for legal XD, doesn't that say something about how I feel at the moment? I wish this feeling lasts forever! (especially when I finish my exam tomorrow) WOOT WOOT! hmm okay here's a list of things soaring through my brain right now: trials over, SHOPPING, moviesss on thurs night, swimming pools, CITY, UNI= guy farm, freedom, nail paints, finally dressing up.. MY BIRTHDAYY! teehee This blog can seriously go on for ages! I haven't felt this way in days (:. I can't contain this happiness without bearing a grin on my face while typing this stuff up. haha I probably look like some pedo if anyone can see me right now lol. Perhaps it is the tea I just took. Mum infused two teabags and now I am hyperactive! Thanks mum! It's funny how after a certain time eg 3am, you cannot feel sleepy anymore. It's like as though your mind has told itself that it's morning. haha that's how I feel for nearly all the exams-I jump on bed at around 3am and I try to prize my lids closed to sleep " oh cmon tien sleeep, why cant I sleeeeep!" Anyhow, enough about gibberish! back to legal bye blog! goodnight world!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lets Nail it baby!

I got my pair of green contacts today yay and they last for a whole year and only $25. Now that is worth my money! I cannot wait until trials have finished, so I can start painting my nails! I'm going to attempt the spongebob one first (: I also can't wait until the HSC is over so I can wear my new dresses that are waiting for me in my wardrobe XD !inspiration blog (:
How absolutely cute! How can anyone possibly come up with such cute ideas! They also smell scrumptious too!This is such a great top! This will be the highlight to any party if I ever get my hands on one of em.they all look so nice! If only I owned them allnice!nice!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Simply Karma

I have to give to receive. Every good deed deserves another. :) I must get on top of all my problems including the teaming stress and workload. When I am at the top of that mountain will I then have a tranquil mind. I am blogging on the night before an exam to drive me away from falling asleep on the bloody table grr.. must fight the microsleep! Math tomorrow, won't be a breeze because I haven't studied for it..I've been too focussed on 4unit and it didn't even help ): Anyhow inspirational pics: I so want to do these cute nails after trials!wow I wish I my dressing table looks this madlovely!bring in those shiny black tights again! Olivia Newton John <3

Monday, July 19, 2010

things to do after HSC

-renovate my room
-go shopping (girlie squeal)
-have a slumber party ( if parents let)
-city trip at night!
- go to the beach and pools often to get fit
-so to the rock pools
-read stephen king novels
-cook a feast for friends
-party! /clubbing
-shop for a little car (mister bean car but in blue )
-buy new stationary for uni -->going back to morning glory cutesy wutesy stuff
- dance! or maybe take a dancing lesson
- learn how to drive
-learn some martial arts or karate for self defense
- so skiing or snowboarding
-take better care of my skin (ie sleep earlier and drink more water)
- go to the hairdressers
-paint more coastline pictures

Sunday, July 18, 2010

english in 3 days

Nothing much happening lately .. the usual boring daily routines. I've been eating an apple after every meal for some reason, and it's becoming a habit.. more like a little addiction. Firstly, my dad gave me an interesting pep talk today about the upcoming trials. I thought that it stressed me out even more which is good because I need the motivation and a bit of quality talk with my daddy. One of the lines he used was especially effective : (translated from viet) "This is the most important time in your life and every moment is worth more than what money can pay." Yes... slightly exaggerated much, but I kept repeating those lines in my head after he said it. Well the temperature conditions these days don't really help when it is constantly cold. All I want to do is tuck myself into a little ball and hibernate until the HSC is over ( if only I can actually skip the HSC). I am going to pull an all-nighters today, well until 4am if I can still make it. (: Bad for health but comforting to know that I've accomplished something at least. I hope the next three weeks until trials will be like this: study, study, study, eat, play, swim, more study. hmmm I should I do 4unit or should I drop it. I cannot decide but I MUST decide soon. The 4unit and the 2unnit exam is on at the same time. (gasps) Okay I have to make a decision soon because I will damage my ATAR even more if I sit on the fence because I'm UNDECISIVE. hmm and mums just standing there staring at my screen .. not helping me > > I wonder if she is actually reading what I'm writing now :L Okay inspirational stuff: yess you can bite me anyday
what a cutie pie!my future daughter must cosplay for mee hehenice winter outfit

Monday, July 5, 2010

study plan

Aim: Finish all physics summaries today (excluding medical phys).
Sources: Dot Point exercise book, peak booklet, jacaranda? (school txt book)
need to pay special attention to: pracs, motors and gen, evaluate dot points in implement.

I have completed 2 hours of study (:. 8 more hours to go lol. This endless process of study reminds me of my parent's annoying question. When I mope or sook about studying, they usually ask me "Who are you studying for?" (in viet of course)
my reply "Me!"
What an annoying question, if I'm studying for myself then they should stop bugging me and questioning my productivity .. all the questions slow me down.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More HSC crep

I am currently planning out my holidays, as miss hackett advised everyone to do. The room has reached 10 degrees and I am coughing my azz off and it hurts my sides. My legs are also in pain, is it because of touch footy? If that's the case, that's weird, because I can last a 4km track without feeling any pain on the next day. Actually I think I'm catching the cold-thanks mum-. Anyways, mum drove me to this computer store in Villawood and I got a laptop. YAY. The one I chose was a glossy black, 16", Asus and I think it has built in sub woofers too. HELL YEAH! However it is a bit heavy, oh wells I need that extra bit of exercise anyways don't I? MUM won't let me use the laptop until my birthday, by that time the trials will be over and the laptop won't be of great help to my education (well it will in uni). goodnight!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

To infinity and beyondd!!

Parul's birthday is awesome. I seriously think I've consumed a whole bag of starburst/ chocolates today. I am still full and my eyelids are heavy with exhaustion. It feels like the holidays have started, however, there is still one more week of school to go. I will spend most of my holidays either at home, next to the fridge, or in cab library (where I will force myself to study because there is nothing else to do). Anyways, I ended up dressing up as minnie mouse and here's my outfit. thanks mum for the sewing the skirt. The black leotard is a hand-me-down. minnie mouse head band-from bargain. stockings from home.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Yay entertainment night!

I have finished my exams for the term. So I will now watch a movie in bed. Thanks to jessica, I've got a free copy of Fast and Furious. My family just went to eat at Bau Truong for dinner, they serve really good meals. JUst before I completely shut down my computer, I will see what costumes look good and which look bad for the theme of DISNEY characters. some awesome ideas:
Or I can dress as woody, snow white, mulan, alice in wonderland, minnie mouse or pocahontas.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

All nighter

At first the plan was to sleep at 4am (to study for 4u). However I think I'm going to go overtime XD. At 10pm I drank a can of V .. and it has kept me up for a while. I think its effects are still present at 3:41am. At 12pm I was hyperactive, at 1am I was still active; at 2am I was alert and wide awake; at 3 I was still alert(but my eyes are a bit dry) .. and I start to feel tired. It's funny how, the other day I slept for 10 hours and I nearly fell asleep in all my classes because I felt so tired. Whereas if I sleep for about 5 hours, I would not feel tired the next day. That has always been the case for me. hehe Well I am making the most out of my life :D. But in return I get a shidload of pimples D: not good. Anyhow, it's yr 12 so who cares .. I will get fit and care for my skin in university. I am currently listening to old music eg backstreet boys songs, while I'm studying my ass off. Oooh I'm going to turn my electric blanket on so I can sleep at 5 - wake at 7:30. BYE!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

you light my morning sky..with burning love

Sofar my studying plans are going well. :) I'm efficiently studying at the moment, .. but I'm screwed next week. Four exams here I come. 2,3,4 math and legal. Another normal saturday today, apart from my hyperactiveness which is fueled by pre-exam stress. I watched this vietnamese music show today, it's similar to Paris by Night, however, not as famous. I am correct to say that the video has tainted my brain. One of the viet male singers sung Paparazzi, Bad Romance and Poker face. The songs would've been great, if it weren't for the horrid dancing. He copied the dance moves from gaga's vids, he dressed really poorly too(fishnet material tight singlet, gigantic glossy black belt and tights)... he was the vietnamese-male gaga. Anyways inspirational pics:yummy :P how cute!my own little fashion collage cute tee!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Where do you go? My lovely

2 great disco classics:
-what is love by haddaway
-where do you go by no mercy

Long and cold endless nights pass by very quick when you study. Turning the heater/electric blanket on lulls me to sleep. Even when I slump on the hard timber floor, with my book and pen in hand, the warmth makes me curl into a little ball. These days I've been stressing about the upcoming math exam, the stress is aided by the little countdown on the back of my hand. The number 50 is written on the back of my palm today... 50 days till trials. 50 days is not enough to finish studying all my subjects! I feel as though I've screwed up my years in high school, actually my years of schooling (including primary school). All that money put into tutoring for the OC and selective is coming down to this single test. This can be a huge turning point in my life! I need to stress more in order to motivate myself, but I don't know why I'm still in a cloud of fun and games. I still procrastinate, although I wish to end all this procrastination. Now. Forever.. no more procrastinating. Life is too good to miss, I should make every minute count and procrastinating is not the way to achieve this.

I want the HSC to be over. I wish to put all of this stress into a little pocket, then I'll place the little pocket into a little box and I shall store it in a small corner in my cupboard. I want time to flicker by. However, I also want time to stand still. I love my years in high school. They've been the best years yet. It's kind of sad .. but I think I've grown an infatuation for hurlstone. I will miss hurlstone.

I will study hard now. I do not want to regret. I do not want the HSC to come "so quickly, after taking so long. Not even time for a proper conclusion."

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hurstville shops are awesome! It's like a CHINESE cabramatta. I spent a total of $5 on a korean bbq chicken meal. :D Yay I resisted the urges to buy this gorgeous dress that is perfect for the social theme this year. I still don't have a costume for athletics carnival, I guess I will dress up as the hulk in the last minute :S All I need for that non-unique idea is: a tub of green paint, purple shorts and a green tea. How will I go home without any weird stares? :o :( If I dress as sailor jupiter all I need is a green skirt (the primary school ones), and pink ribbon and white gloves. I will wear the school blouse for that costume.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Working mood at the moment

Things to do: Legal task
chem/phys papers
finish chem notes
write up english essay

Monday, May 10, 2010

So lonely

So lonely by chris sorbello is the catchiest song ever. I am listening to music again, maybe this is the solution to long hours of work. When I listen to music, I actually enjoy what I do.. however music sometimes lets listeners forget about the world around them :S . So does listening to music actually improve my education?

I have recollected myself from the trauma of the half yearly results. However, after today's physics test I think I'm crawling back into that little depression hole again. ): If only I can motivate myself to work hard and to think about the satisfaction of ACTUALLY FINISHING a test and earning a GOOD mark for it. A am not in the mood to post up inspirational pictures. So I will end my post with a list of uplifting songs:

Enrique Iglesias - Be With You
elvis presley- burning love
chris sorbello - so lonely (club mix)
Tay Dizm-Beam me up
Taio Cruz-Break your heart
David Archuleta-Crush

Monday, May 3, 2010

Can you feel it?

Yess it's that time of the year again. Athletics carnivalll! Social!! And more assessments D: I do not know what I should dress up as for the athletics carnival. The theme is Hurlstone heroes. Here are some of my ideas: luigi, sailor jupiter, storm from X-men, care bears? For the social the theme is jungles? Well I was thinking of having a peacock theme for my outfit (it won't necessarily look like a peacock at all but the resemblance is there). Here are simply some pictures from my mobile:

green contacts
an awesome dreamcatcher for only $5 ..gosh I love things that make my room feel magical and mysterious

I was looking for overalls to make my luigi costume in Salvos..when I came across this retro 80's looking jacket. perfect! It reminded me of the jacket chris brown(pictured below) wore and surprisingly it was size 8 YAY!what a hottie!I never knew I owned this green sparkly top's pretty so it's BLOGWORTHY! Now I'm off to do some physics goodnight all!