Tuesday, August 31, 2010

vocal drills

with the year assembly on thursday, I am friggin nervous. Yeah I can sing "I wanna be a billionaire" in front of quyen and a few friends but but on stage ?!? :o What happens if I testee-pop! Or trip over my shoe? Anyways, the group has not practiced yet-not even once together-good one guys. okay.. phew. hehe Today the english teachers collected the papers back to remark it because they marked it wrong LOL. Apparently, she covered up their faults by saying that there is this TARS teacher thingo that required the teachers to mark the papers again. haha.

Monday, August 23, 2010

100 facts

Yes I am bored and cannot be bothered to do anything at this stage iin the night, I will finish something later :L. So here are things you prolly did or did not know about me:
1.blue is my FAV colour. (or turquoise)
2.I love my food. (jelly is my fave!)
3.I like playing most sports.
4.I love my little brother very very much! ..and my sister
5.career: I'd love to invent/make new medicine to cure a disease or something. a vet, designer(anytype of designer)..not really sure about my future
6.I love art
7.I love dancing
8. I love singing
9.I love cooking (honey soy chicken!)
10.If I had a pet I would love a gigantic fluffy husky :3
11. I'm scared of midnight walks around the city
12.I hate scary movies, unless there's some comedy in there
13. Laid back, don't really act on what I want, unless I really want something/someone. I just let life flow and see what I get in the end.
14.I don't really watch what I eat-I eat everything-whenever
15.I don't really follow a set trend of style
16.Guys who are sweet talkers are a no-go. Especially the ones who act nice to you when they're not around their friends.
17.I have dyed my hair like 5times
18.I love changing dps or profile pics- I like change
19.Karma plays a big role in my life. If I injure my foot, I think I have done something bad to deserve it.
20. I like guys who smell nice
21.I don't mind a guy who is spontaneous
23.I have a dream catcher
24.I like strange things
25.I'm afraid of what people think of me. I can't help it.(its my weakness)
26.going to the temple has this calming effect
27.I'm a huge fan of GREASE(the movie)!
28.I love comedy movies
29.I tell mum nearly everything that I experience -yes boy talk too
30.I love going to the city
31.Guys with really nice smiles=YUM!
32.I stare at guys with mad hair, but that's just it
33.I pierced my own belly button once-yes call me a freak (it has healed now)
34.I feel lonely sometimes and wish some guy would drive me away in a mad sportscar. but what the heck stop dreaming and go into UNI tien!
35.The book on my bedside is called- Journey through the heart (it's about spiritual healing or something)
36.Sometimes I feel that everyone possesses a special power/talent that they have not discovered yet
37.Once when I was 5, I picked up my dad's just smoked cig and tried to smoke it but the smoke burned my eyes instead.
38.A huge octopus has grabbed onto foot when I was looking at the rock pools
39.I want black hair again ): I'll dye it soon.
40.If a guy ever sung a song for me, I'd fall for him..and it also depends on some other factors :L
41.My body is pear shaped
42.people who get a good score and keep complaining about it annoys me
43.I dig funny guys
44.I LOVE MILK TEA with pearls
45.Thai/Laos food is my fav > viet food
46.dislike my short eyelashes
47.wish my eyes could be a bit bigger
48.I like to meet new people, however my shyness stops me sometimes
49.I love giving people pressies or things that make them happy. I love making people smile ^ ^
50.I am a sweating freak!
51. I can make my skin goosebump whenever I want to-pretty queer
52.watching so you think you can dance makes me want to perform a routine with any male hiphop dancer
53.music controls my mood
54.Falling into the seaweed infested sea is my worst nightmare
56.staying up til 3am is becoming a natural thing to me
57.My guy friend will watch the Notebook with me...just because I'm a girl like that
58.Accessories that shout "princess" are worth buying. If anyone ever finds a bracelet/pendent with a tiara-tell me
59.Scary stories are more fun to write than love stories
60. I have a lip balm fetish.(especially nice smelling ones)
61.Haven't been to the hairdressers in about 2 years. I cut my own hair
62.I still play childish pranks on my family. (pretending to look at something funny then swapping the window when someone looks)
63.I wish to dress up for every Halloween's day and go trick-or-treating
64.Anything sad on screen makes me cry
65.Concealing my true emotions is what I do when I feel down- this does not happen often though
66.My family is not a healthy family-we eat out and junk food all the time
67. I love going to the pool and beach
68.Self-conscious about my image because I am fat
69.I always love to bear hug my friends - although I only think it because I can't always hug you
70.I have a ginormous appetite
71.Between 10 to 11:45 is my sleepy time...however when I step into 3am I am wide awake til morning.
72.massive crammer
73.I am a VERY passive person..that's bad
74. I think I'm somewhat sheltered and innocent.
75. Traveling the world is a dream come true.
76. music has a soporific effect
77.If I'm in the mood to dance...I really get down to it
78.cheesy pick up lines only work when they are funny :L
79.truth or dare? dare..truth questions are terrible!
80....to be continued....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The time is 2am. I feel absolutely great! I do not know why or how I came to feel this way. I have a legal paper pending for my stress and unhappiness, however, I feel completely and utterly happy. If I ever talk to anyone online and my conversations just come out like *click**click*, and you find that there's a lot of "hahahahahah" then it means that I'm in that happy mood again. This feeling is so exhilarating that I am actually enjoying studying for legal XD, doesn't that say something about how I feel at the moment? I wish this feeling lasts forever! (especially when I finish my exam tomorrow) WOOT WOOT! hmm okay here's a list of things soaring through my brain right now: trials over, SHOPPING, moviesss on thurs night, swimming pools, CITY, UNI= guy farm, freedom, nail paints, finally dressing up.. MY BIRTHDAYY! teehee This blog can seriously go on for ages! I haven't felt this way in days (:. I can't contain this happiness without bearing a grin on my face while typing this stuff up. haha I probably look like some pedo if anyone can see me right now lol. Perhaps it is the tea I just took. Mum infused two teabags and now I am hyperactive! Thanks mum! It's funny how after a certain time eg 3am, you cannot feel sleepy anymore. It's like as though your mind has told itself that it's morning. haha that's how I feel for nearly all the exams-I jump on bed at around 3am and I try to prize my lids closed to sleep " oh cmon tien sleeep, why cant I sleeeeep!" Anyhow, enough about gibberish! back to legal bye blog! goodnight world!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lets Nail it baby!

I got my pair of green contacts today yay and they last for a whole year and only $25. Now that is worth my money! I cannot wait until trials have finished, so I can start painting my nails! I'm going to attempt the spongebob one first (: I also can't wait until the HSC is over so I can wear my new dresses that are waiting for me in my wardrobe XD !inspiration blog (:
How absolutely cute! How can anyone possibly come up with such cute ideas! They also smell scrumptious too!This is such a great top! This will be the highlight to any party if I ever get my hands on one of em.they all look so nice! If only I owned them allnice!nice!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Simply Karma

I have to give to receive. Every good deed deserves another. :) I must get on top of all my problems including the teaming stress and workload. When I am at the top of that mountain will I then have a tranquil mind. I am blogging on the night before an exam to drive me away from falling asleep on the bloody table grr.. must fight the microsleep! Math tomorrow, won't be a breeze because I haven't studied for it..I've been too focussed on 4unit and it didn't even help ): Anyhow inspirational pics: I so want to do these cute nails after trials!wow I wish I my dressing table looks this madlovely!bring in those shiny black tights again! Olivia Newton John <3