Monday, July 19, 2010

things to do after HSC

-renovate my room
-go shopping (girlie squeal)
-have a slumber party ( if parents let)
-city trip at night!
- go to the beach and pools often to get fit
-so to the rock pools
-read stephen king novels
-cook a feast for friends
-party! /clubbing
-shop for a little car (mister bean car but in blue )
-buy new stationary for uni -->going back to morning glory cutesy wutesy stuff
- dance! or maybe take a dancing lesson
- learn how to drive
-learn some martial arts or karate for self defense
- so skiing or snowboarding
-take better care of my skin (ie sleep earlier and drink more water)
- go to the hairdressers
-paint more coastline pictures

Sunday, July 18, 2010

english in 3 days

Nothing much happening lately .. the usual boring daily routines. I've been eating an apple after every meal for some reason, and it's becoming a habit.. more like a little addiction. Firstly, my dad gave me an interesting pep talk today about the upcoming trials. I thought that it stressed me out even more which is good because I need the motivation and a bit of quality talk with my daddy. One of the lines he used was especially effective : (translated from viet) "This is the most important time in your life and every moment is worth more than what money can pay." Yes... slightly exaggerated much, but I kept repeating those lines in my head after he said it. Well the temperature conditions these days don't really help when it is constantly cold. All I want to do is tuck myself into a little ball and hibernate until the HSC is over ( if only I can actually skip the HSC). I am going to pull an all-nighters today, well until 4am if I can still make it. (: Bad for health but comforting to know that I've accomplished something at least. I hope the next three weeks until trials will be like this: study, study, study, eat, play, swim, more study. hmmm I should I do 4unit or should I drop it. I cannot decide but I MUST decide soon. The 4unit and the 2unnit exam is on at the same time. (gasps) Okay I have to make a decision soon because I will damage my ATAR even more if I sit on the fence because I'm UNDECISIVE. hmm and mums just standing there staring at my screen .. not helping me > > I wonder if she is actually reading what I'm writing now :L Okay inspirational stuff: yess you can bite me anyday
what a cutie pie!my future daughter must cosplay for mee hehenice winter outfit

Monday, July 5, 2010

study plan

Aim: Finish all physics summaries today (excluding medical phys).
Sources: Dot Point exercise book, peak booklet, jacaranda? (school txt book)
need to pay special attention to: pracs, motors and gen, evaluate dot points in implement.

I have completed 2 hours of study (:. 8 more hours to go lol. This endless process of study reminds me of my parent's annoying question. When I mope or sook about studying, they usually ask me "Who are you studying for?" (in viet of course)
my reply "Me!"
What an annoying question, if I'm studying for myself then they should stop bugging me and questioning my productivity .. all the questions slow me down.