Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I don't know how long I've been in vietnam for..2weeks I guess. Anyhow, I have had the most amazing time here! I reckon it's the BEST HOLIDAY YET! (it's my dad's gift for finishing the hsc)

um went on this tour that covers heaps of vietnam cities. Nearly every night, we sleep in a different hotel. The hotels are located in the main shopping (aka CBD) areas of each place (pretty hectic :]). We board this mini coach to tour around yes we've(my family, aunts and cousins) been eatting and sitting for the past 2 weeks :L. Each day we explore interesting places for each city. Anyways, on the first day I flew from Syd to Darwin to was a 12hour trip I'd say. We visited dad's rellies on the first 3 days and then we were off to saigon, which was where the tour started.

I can't remember the order of the cities but we went to: binh duong, saigon, can tho, chau doc, mui ne, buon ma thuoc, pleiku, hoi an, hue. Will be going to the beachy place nha trang later and back to saigon for more shoppping and theme parks WOOO! The hotels all have brekky buffet.. no wonder I'm gaining so much flab :L for lunch and dinner we go to eat at posh-ish restaurants there is usually one other table dining or no ones dining ..which sucks. Anyhow the rooms are crispy clean and really nice (3 star hotels aren't bad, we went to one 4 star hotel) The food is great! I really love the 'che' (sweet ..beveragee thing). I've grown immune to the stares from the viets how can they tell that we're tourists when we don't even speak viet!..Or try not to anyways (: Anyhow funny thing happened yesterday, our family walked down this busy shoppping district and a tour advertiser asked mum where she came from, mum: "I am from Korea" (so that he'd go away). He started talking in poor english about korea being near vietnam...and folowed us. I saw this nice clothes shop and called mum: (in viet) "mum I wanna go in here." ...-sprung- damn I blew our cover. Anyhow I have spent heaps of money..well for HEAPS OF it doesn't count. I've been getting terribly itchy mozzy bites gahhgjkhjk. be continued (off to bed for now )