Thursday, April 29, 2010

Much Ado about nothing

I am trying on runners at the moment to see which is better for the cross country tomorrow. I fluked last year's race.. I predict that I won't even make it to zones this year, but I will try. Hmm.. should I wear the dunlop volley lucky shoes (which I've been wearing for all the X-countries since yr8) or should I wear a lighter, new pair of asics. Maybe I should run around my block to test them out. kidding. I am feeling so pumped right now! I don't think I can fall asleep that quick tonight. Why? I am running the cross-country tomorrow and I will also donate blood! I just hope I won't faint or something after the blood donation because of dehydration. Nah it won't happen. Which reminds me, I used to fake an asthma attack when I was 5, so I can use the ventolair gas masks. I used to be amased when kids wore this gas mask contraption and breathed in weird smelling gas. Anyways, I'll probably bring my urban originals bag tomorrow (: because it will probably fit everything. I lost my old wallet ):, the one with my red cross ID. Anyways I'm off! Happy bday allan btw!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Things will only get better

I feel so much better today. I Hungry Jacks for lunch today, how unhealthy! Anyways, I've finished writing a story for English and now I will browse for some interesting/inspirational pictures in google. (: Everytime the phone rings, it's a race between my brother and I to pick up the phone. If you call me and hear a lil kid voice saying, "Joe Tran speaking!" That's my brother not my DAD. I feel sorry for the person on the other side of the line, they have to go through a whole minute of baby talk before they can reach mum/dad. I downloaded itunes and my ipod is up and working again. I thought it died before ): because it couldn't connect to the comp so I could only use it as a usb before. I'm aiming to write an essay in 2 nights. I hope I will achieve that. If it's not an essay, then any piece of writing, whether it be for english or for legal. Sorting out year 5/6 work, I realised just how friggin COLOURFUL my books were. Now when I think about it, was I stupid? Why would I put in that extra lot of effort to colour in my work in order to have the 'best' title page and earn a big gold sticker (*face palm*).

This was my title page for the book "Wicked" by Paul Jennings (man I loved the whole series).... and all I got for it was a stupid sticker at the bottom right corner.

Anyways.. inspirational pics:
I will work hard to afford a house like this one. I can only afford Vietnam.

Amazing! The way the material just sits right.


P.S. I also realise that I want to be able to do everything. If I just watched something on youtube for example someone singing a cover, I'd want to sing to. So I'd take out my guitar, strum a few chords and sing. If I watch "ready, steady, cook!" I'd end up making a dish or two that night. If I watch some awesome dance choreography on youtube, I'd dance for a bit that night. If I see some interesting dresses, I'd go and colour coordinate my wardrobe. Never have I seen a video about studying sad. To start on some hw. BYE!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

unproductive day

Nothing was achieved today in terms of my education and studies. However, I did participate in an interesting family get-together. I can explain for this though. I was thrashing about and reeling in pain on bed for what seemed like hours.[yess it's the cramps :( ]. Then I ended up sleeping through half a day (from 11am-3pm). Why must this always happen to me >

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm Late! I'm late!

Time is running out. With the trials approaching fast, I better hit a more rapid pace in my studies. These are the last few months that will inevitably determine my lifestyle and wealth for the rest of my life. Yes I know that money does not buy happiness, however, it does provide me with the goods and luxuries that will make me happy. Soo am I going to work hard to afford a nice car, maybe a house and then travel tickets for my mummy and daddy (:.

I don't know why, but ever since I was small I've always loved lip balms. I still remember tagging mum along to the girls toys aisle in Toys-R-Us. I fancied the fake make-up sets, the eyeshadow palette was simply a coloured strip of plastic and same goes for the lipstick/balm. But anyhow, mum would buy a pack or two and on the car I'd smear invisible eyeshadow onto the hollows of my eyes :L. What was I thinking? Anyways, I still love lip balms to bits! I love their scents (vanilla, strawberry, cherry, aloe-vera, kiwi, white musk, cherry blossom..etc). Man I am such a kid sometimes.. I still like the range of Bonne bell lip smackers :P. Anyways I'm off to study now.

Monday, April 19, 2010

back to school!

Back to school tomorrow. The scene in Finding Nemo replays in my head. Nemo:"First day of school! First day of school!" I really wish year 12 will end, but as the same time I also wish time will stand still. I can already feel year12 drawing to an end.. how sad :'(. However, on the other hand uni is fast approaching! Soo many opportunities to develop more skills in life are soon to come!

Now the first step is to prepare for school. I'm going to commit myself into studying about 4 hours a night.. which is the average number of hours a yr twelver should spend anyways. The wedding on Saturday to some extent inspired me to aim high and follow the course of medicine. Was it the fact that most of the adults there were highly educated?(specialists, dentists, docs) My aunts always encourage me to become a doctor and perhaps I should tune those encouragements to force me to work harder. Because seriously, I feel as though I'm treating year 12 like yr 10. I still can't refuse a Thursday night shopping outting with mum, this obviously indicates that I still choose fun over my education. BAD TIEN! Soo.. from tomorrow night and onwards, I say I will change. I'm not just going to claim that, but I'm going to act on it too! P.s.I just bought a webcam today. Yay webcamming fun! and studyy!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hello tomorrow!

Can't wait till Friday! Green contacts woohoo! Anyways today's another unproductive day. I planned out my day, which consisted of 4 hours of study and 2 hrs of shopping. I ended up shopping for the whole day. Actually why don't I study now..till around 2am lol. Anyways, I went to buy a pair of heels for Saturday. This is my cheap outfit [whole outfit=$40(shoes)+$15(dress)=$55]just another close up
I also tried to do the 'smoky look' on my eyes.. it didn't fail that miserably. (dark purple one the outside and light purple in the inner corners).This is the simple make-up I'm gonna wear and I'm going to my fringe down on the night.
And this is my little handy invention. He grabs stationery when I need it, "calculator please!"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My first pair of contacts

I woke up feeling all excited today because it's the day I try on contacts! The contacts clearly improved my eyesight by far. Putting them in was easier than taking them out, even though the reverse was presumably more common. When Mimi(optom) first placed one into my right eye, it simply felt like she dropped a drop of water into my eyes, however the point of contact between the lens and my eye lasted for 3 seconds. This made my eyes water a bit and my sis laughed. Sitting nearby, mum was grossed out with the whole 'putting something in your eye' concept. After the first contact Mimi showed me a few colours I can choose from apart from clear contacts and they were: pure hazel, violet, green, blue and gray. I think I'd like to try something new, something different for once. I've always liked experimenting with different colours and looks..etc. When Mimi placed in the hazel one, it was weird because everything was blurry and all I can see is this ochre ring. I had to keep blinking dozens of times to get used to it. The coloured contacts look surreal...aka a bit fake LOL. Anyhow I want to invest on a pair. So I chose green because.. well it's alright? Mum said that the violet one made my eye look half blinded because it was too light. So I will be expecting a pair soon this week (:. Also today I had my nails painted by mum's friend, who used to work in a nail shop. It's a simple design.. I like it. The same person, who I call 'aunt', also applied make-up on me...professionally with her make up kit. This was all fun and because I'm attending a wedding this Saturday. I'm still trying to master the shading strokes she used to achieve the 'smoky' eyes.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A boring Saturday

Just another boring day. I asked mum if I could have a pair of contacts. I used this tactic that actually works. It's when you ask for something big (e.g a really nice outfit), but then you reduce your request to something smaller (e.g. only the shirt from the outfit). So at first, I asked to have a pair of purple contacts and obviously mum said no. So I asked for a pair of hazel-ish green contacts and mum didn't say anything (which usually means alright then). YES! Anyways, I cooked some prawns for dinner today. I name my recipe: Lemon myrtle and cashew prawns
For dessert I dipped an apple into chocolate and also a plate of peanuts yumooo!

I found these Easter Show paintings very inspirational. The granny painting really stared back at you, the character seemed so realistic. The second painting was simply breathtaking, the painter used so many layers of different painting techniques. I want to reproduce a piece similar to this piece to stick up on my wall of paintings.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

City and Easter show

Quyen and I went to the city on Tuesday. At first we browsed through the opt shops at Livo and then we headed to the awesome cityy! While waiting on Liverpool station this creepy asian guy came abit too close to where we sat. Pedo. He was a bit scary.. hehe just a bit. However I realised how crap me and quyen are at lying. He asked, " Are you guys going to TAFE?" lol we're not that old! Yet! We kinda half-heartedly gave him answers from our back, we kept facing away from him. "How old are you guys?"
Quyen said "year 8," as I said "year 11". Good BS-ing. I had a hard time... trying to hide the laugh. We faked our names and high school.. which was hilarious.
Anyways, at the city, we went to the usual places such as Market City, Caps, china town, darling harbour and also Victoria's Basement (which took quyen ages to find because she missed the escalator - -). However the highlight of the day was the British Candy store... all the fudge and toffee YUM! Not to mention I went to this asian arcade that had many cutesy-wutesy, one piece japanese boutiques. Wow.. everything was soo pink and fuzzy. I wonder how those stalls survive in the empty arcade.

I went to the Easter show today with mumsy and vinh. Just the usual at the ES... food testing in Woolworths Dome, gaining inspiration in the art exhibition and finding cool items in the Bazaar. I love tasting food, it's what I look forward to in the ES (not the show bags). My favourite store was a herbs and spice store. I've finally tasted the bush tucker 'lemon myrtle', it has a distinct, strong flavour..I like! It was fun and a bit different because it's the first time without friends. Out of the blue, I bought hair extensions for fun! The extensions made my hair way tooo voluminous lol. Oh well, it'll be useful one day.. maybe when I get a crabby haircut. What really interested me was the hanging lights, each light was fit in a semi-transparent flower or bauble. They would go really well as night/party lights.Like these ones except the balls are MUCH smaller and they are all strung onto one string. I would also like a really, really nice smelling soap in my bathroom and nice smelling scents in my room. byebyes!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Bags bags bags

Not only have I picked out great bargains on bags, but I've also bags from staying up late to play neopets. So addictive and such a bad habit. Anyways, I found this brand new Urban Originals jade bag in Salvos last saturday. It's BRAND NEW and only $25 (from 80). Also a vintage, leather, black bag that looks like a cute mini briefcase and that was only $2. I will post those bags up soon. I cut my hair again, well only my fringe. I know I'm an amateur at hairdressing, however, I do not trust hairdressers with the job of cutting my fringe. They almost always OVER cut. I hate that. A few days ago, the painters came and lacquered the wooden floorboards on the staircase. The only means of travel up and down the stairs was via the railings. So at night, my whole family climbed up the railings, surprisingly, no one left any foot imprints on floorboards. Even dad made it up the railings :L. Now I to bed! NO NEOPETS! And now for random photos from my phone (I still love its camera to bits):me &lyn bored one lunch
me&amy. I felt great after finishing the examz. little vinh sleeping in the middle of nowherecute bling shoes from rubi-only $10