Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More HSC crep

I am currently planning out my holidays, as miss hackett advised everyone to do. The room has reached 10 degrees and I am coughing my azz off and it hurts my sides. My legs are also in pain, is it because of touch footy? If that's the case, that's weird, because I can last a 4km track without feeling any pain on the next day. Actually I think I'm catching the cold-thanks mum-. Anyways, mum drove me to this computer store in Villawood and I got a laptop. YAY. The one I chose was a glossy black, 16", Asus and I think it has built in sub woofers too. HELL YEAH! However it is a bit heavy, oh wells I need that extra bit of exercise anyways don't I? MUM won't let me use the laptop until my birthday, by that time the trials will be over and the laptop won't be of great help to my education (well it will in uni). goodnight!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

To infinity and beyondd!!

Parul's birthday is awesome. I seriously think I've consumed a whole bag of starburst/ chocolates today. I am still full and my eyelids are heavy with exhaustion. It feels like the holidays have started, however, there is still one more week of school to go. I will spend most of my holidays either at home, next to the fridge, or in cab library (where I will force myself to study because there is nothing else to do). Anyways, I ended up dressing up as minnie mouse and here's my outfit. thanks mum for the sewing the skirt. The black leotard is a hand-me-down. minnie mouse head band-from bargain. stockings from home.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Yay entertainment night!

I have finished my exams for the term. So I will now watch a movie in bed. Thanks to jessica, I've got a free copy of Fast and Furious. My family just went to eat at Bau Truong for dinner, they serve really good meals. JUst before I completely shut down my computer, I will see what costumes look good and which look bad for the theme of DISNEY characters. some awesome ideas:
Or I can dress as woody, snow white, mulan, alice in wonderland, minnie mouse or pocahontas.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

All nighter

At first the plan was to sleep at 4am (to study for 4u). However I think I'm going to go overtime XD. At 10pm I drank a can of V .. and it has kept me up for a while. I think its effects are still present at 3:41am. At 12pm I was hyperactive, at 1am I was still active; at 2am I was alert and wide awake; at 3 I was still alert(but my eyes are a bit dry) .. and I start to feel tired. It's funny how, the other day I slept for 10 hours and I nearly fell asleep in all my classes because I felt so tired. Whereas if I sleep for about 5 hours, I would not feel tired the next day. That has always been the case for me. hehe Well I am making the most out of my life :D. But in return I get a shidload of pimples D: not good. Anyhow, it's yr 12 so who cares .. I will get fit and care for my skin in university. I am currently listening to old music eg backstreet boys songs, while I'm studying my ass off. Oooh I'm going to turn my electric blanket on so I can sleep at 5 - wake at 7:30. BYE!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

you light my morning sky..with burning love

Sofar my studying plans are going well. :) I'm efficiently studying at the moment, .. but I'm screwed next week. Four exams here I come. 2,3,4 math and legal. Another normal saturday today, apart from my hyperactiveness which is fueled by pre-exam stress. I watched this vietnamese music show today, it's similar to Paris by Night, however, not as famous. I am correct to say that the video has tainted my brain. One of the viet male singers sung Paparazzi, Bad Romance and Poker face. The songs would've been great, if it weren't for the horrid dancing. He copied the dance moves from gaga's vids, he dressed really poorly too(fishnet material tight singlet, gigantic glossy black belt and tights)... he was the vietnamese-male gaga. Anyways inspirational pics:yummy :P how cute!my own little fashion collage cute tee!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Where do you go? My lovely

2 great disco classics:
-what is love by haddaway
-where do you go by no mercy

Long and cold endless nights pass by very quick when you study. Turning the heater/electric blanket on lulls me to sleep. Even when I slump on the hard timber floor, with my book and pen in hand, the warmth makes me curl into a little ball. These days I've been stressing about the upcoming math exam, the stress is aided by the little countdown on the back of my hand. The number 50 is written on the back of my palm today... 50 days till trials. 50 days is not enough to finish studying all my subjects! I feel as though I've screwed up my years in high school, actually my years of schooling (including primary school). All that money put into tutoring for the OC and selective is coming down to this single test. This can be a huge turning point in my life! I need to stress more in order to motivate myself, but I don't know why I'm still in a cloud of fun and games. I still procrastinate, although I wish to end all this procrastination. Now. Forever.. no more procrastinating. Life is too good to miss, I should make every minute count and procrastinating is not the way to achieve this.

I want the HSC to be over. I wish to put all of this stress into a little pocket, then I'll place the little pocket into a little box and I shall store it in a small corner in my cupboard. I want time to flicker by. However, I also want time to stand still. I love my years in high school. They've been the best years yet. It's kind of sad .. but I think I've grown an infatuation for hurlstone. I will miss hurlstone.

I will study hard now. I do not want to regret. I do not want the HSC to come "so quickly, after taking so long. Not even time for a proper conclusion."