Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The rest of the family is going to sleep in the new house today... while I practise my speech ):. Anyways, I walked to the house in Canley(from Canley station) after school today. The trip took 5 minutes :D. Everyone helped in cleaning, tidying and throwing out old stuff the previous owner left behind. I spent the whole evening tidying - - and STRESSING about dodgy speech. Oh yeah, I went to the hip-hop workshop today. Phil demonstrated the moves and I reckon he did a pretty good job. Amanda P recorded everything lol. Anyways halfway through the session, amanda T and I ventured outside to "brainstorm" ideas on our dance for E.P.I.C :L. If only we had a mirror... even better, a dance studio! How funny, little Vinh does not know how to ask "what are you doing?" and so instead he scrunches up his eyebrows and asks, "Doing?", when I packed away his toys. Things to remember: buy new curtains, new rug (a white fluffy one or a stylish pattern one preferably), new light to replace the ancient chandelier?whoops you have to watch it sideways :P

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

princess room? I think not!

I can't wait to move out of my aunts house! Not because this room is small or anything, but I actually have a room all to myself again! Yay! Anyways I've been visiting my new home with my family every day for the past week or so to finish the planning and organisation of furniture, paint..etc. I can't have a different coloured room, all the bedrooms have to have the same coloured walls. boohoo! I will have to ditch the ideas about painting pretty things on my wall ):. Well at least mum promised to let me paint small pics on my wall. The room is quite large compared to this diminutive room my rents have put me in = =. Cheers to a wooden floorboard and NOT carpet. :) The view from my window is not that terribly great, all I see is the tree in front the house and other houses on the street. I'd really hope to see either the dawning or dusk of the day though. I also hope to get a queen or king sized bed Ooh YEAH! Ideal for throwing girly-get-together parties. Also, there is a white cat outside the backyard door. It is attracted to the house says the owner, yay free pet!
Now to attack my english speech! Nearly finished! Well halfway.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Quyen and I have exchanged fb passwords, so I do not know my password, hence I cannot log on. hehe Neither can she. However, staying off fb has its consequences... I start going through people's tumblr to look at the interesting photos they post, I start fiddling around with photoscape <3. I've picked THE related text for my speech and all I have to do is go and hire it from blockbusters. A very stressful day today, since I fell asleep yesterday night when I was having a "five minute nap", I ended up waking up saying "shid, shit, sugarr..." and panicking :s. Oh well, I needed the rest anyways. Some people don't have the appetite to indulge their fridge contents when they are stressed. However for others.. (like me)eating/junking is a frequent and annoying habit. I can't stand 2hours without dropping something into my stomach. ( glorious food..... and now to finish my homework.. night!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

fishing for sales (:

I went shopping with mumsyy today at livo. We went into forever new to see if there's anything on sale. To my surprise I found this gold sequin, button up, cardigan for only $10 :O. They still had size 8 :D. Anyways I went to try it on and the salesperson at the change rooms said that there's a further 30% off the marked prices and I was gonna buy it whether it fit me properly or not. WOW It's original price was $90 but it ended up being only $7. I only shopped for an hour, but I felt anxious and stressed about half yearlies. However if I had stayed at home, I think I would've just slept because of my stuffy room. Here's the shirt:

Saturday, March 6, 2010

room designing

Instead of starting on my english speech, I am currently designing my room online with "Design My Room". The program is not that great at all, but they do have a whole range of wall colours. I quite like the idea of painting my wall in a light shade and painting pictures and patterns in white (on top of that). Maybe a stripey light sunshine yellow and white wall, which would look quite uplifting and bright (great for mornings). Or perhaps colours of my liking, ooh such as "french lilac" (1403),"paris romance (1262),"taffeta green" (843), "caribbean breze"(652). I wonder if the names and numbers are the same for paint selling shops such as bunnings :S. The grey shades look quite nice too, however it will probably look pretty dull and boring. wow this is exciting! I will keep it simple and stick with two colours max for the walls. Inspirational designs I found on google:
quite nice
quite nice again-it probably looks better if the colours were inverted(ie white plants and light wash background)
hmm I like!
I LOVE IT!! I will probably use the flower design.
I want to add this to another corner of my room. Also with a pixie in one of the cages :L. I am such a kid.
nice birds?
just a little something extra. WOWS DAMN if I were a kid, I would want to go to bed early every single day to play on this thisss... mini playground.

Friday, March 5, 2010

home sweet home

I'm finding it moderately hard to keep up with all the homework and study, not only from school but from tutor as well. AND THIS COMPUTERR IS THE ISSUE!!! I can go to the extremities of unplugging my whole computer and packing it away from this table OR I can hand over the wireless net to dad, but if I do that, I might as well kiss goodbye to internet. Soo.. I will compromise. Only one hour of net once in two nights :3. Any ways, ONLY TWO MORE WEEKS TIL I GET MY NEWW ROOM!! I cannot wait to decorate it, paint the walls, instill some of my arty fardy weird ideas into the room. Bad news: HAlf-yearlies are in another two weeks. ): So that means, while the rest of my family get to settle into the new house.. I have to study. Plus side: On the contrary, I already chose my room hehe so no room bagging for maitran :P. I am soo excited about performing for epic, I hope it's in front of our year only (whole school=stage fright=make a fool of myself). Goodnight lovely world! oh yeah and go to sleep earlier tien.