Friday, October 22, 2010

6hour sesh

Yesterday(aka several hours ago) was the most ..productive day in the week! Thanks to quyen, we studied for 6hours, exercised(by walking to cab), watched sunset at the local park and had dinner! (: YAYYY MY NET IS BACK! yess! Youtube here I come!...and then hardcoring for 4unit :L
... I was fiddling around with the photoscape filters

quyenn (:


Thursday, October 21, 2010

another lovely day at the library

I spent so less today :L only a papa roti bun and sugar cane juice (yum!). I am currently listening to music and msning fwensss lol. Today was a very good and productive day, nearly finished one math paper at a slow pace so I can absorb stuff. I keep looking at the answers HORRID! Newman brought his basketball today, yayyy to playing basketball at 5pm. lol AmandaT chucked the ball from the bush and it got in-holy cow- Anyhow, I just has steak with my family at this place in Canley Vale and now I feel as though I can walk a mile before I sleep! hehe I will diet for the formal one dayyy XD . random pics: lol poor babyjust random, wowww this is the prettiest thing I've ever seen
I wanna do this again this time around when we visit vietnam!
I found this pic lying on my comp woww how tann!

Friday, October 15, 2010


I had the best 4hours of sleep ever, right after that belonging paper. The english paper was not easy for me, people wrote so many pages compared to my...10 pages of writing. Oh well, I hope my stuff will do (: Sooooo relieved that I finished everything, I don't usually finish english papers LOL...actually any papers XD Plus belonging is THE WORST paperr ... apart from 4u math D: After the exam, justine, kevin and I decided to eat something at Canley. At first we decided to eat steak at that hotel/restaurant in Canley Vale. However, we had pizza hut instead ^^ and we sat at the park in canley. Eating pizza on the swings is heaps funn! Flopped on the bed when I came home, turned on my starry lights ^ ^ and didn't realise when my sister was sitting on the bed...just watching. o.O Anyhow, I am currently eating super dupers(or are they zuper dupers) yum yum. Anyhow, cool pics:how cute is this! whatta great find!just lol

aww poor kitty!
I think this retro disney princesses look is coolI wish this was my closet ): I would work hard to get a closet like princesssyy...
dream formal dress defs!bags light blue formal dress :L


Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Things that happen to my brain after a restless night:
(sister comes in to bug me awake in the morning)
Mai:wake up, rise and shine!
me: How many balloons altogether?
mai: none what?
me: there ain't any balloons (in a bomb voice) *snores*
mai: wth

LOL I honestly can't remember my dream, must be something about a party I guess

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dear diary,

Good morning blog, it is currently 3:21am on my un-updated clock(so it is actually 4:30). I am wide awake. My eyes feel dry, being stretched widely open. My hair is greasy and I am in my new jacket as well as my stripey boxers. The three bags of green tea has left me feeling fueled till now, it must also be those salted green peas I had a while back... 1am I'd say. My english notes for belonging for my first related text are nearly done. Just a few more techniques ^ ^. My related text is a film: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, directed by Stanley Kramer in 1967. I am currently listening to a beautiful guitar composition called Romeo and Juliet...I'm guessing it's taken from a beautiful and melancholy scene in the movie. The music is evoking all sorts of feelings in me.
ONE)Sadness... as I realise that my life is ticking, I cannot be with everyone...always. ): in order to prevent any feelings of regret, I will make every single minute of my life count. Every single day I spend with you will be a gift that I will cherish. Every second I spend with you is the greatest thing I could ever wish for. Friends? Family? I have been blessed to have these wonderful people around me, every relationship has changed me in some way... they have shaped me into the person I am today. (side note: this is starting to sound cheesy LOL like shit I find on tumblr hahaha)
Anyhow, these are my personal notes to my parents, as a sign of gratitude for having to put up with me:
dear mumzy: You have been such a great carer, guardian, best friend, best mother to me. You have always directed me onto the right track, your advice never falters or fails and I always try my best to follow your words because you have experienced everything I have faced and will face. Even though our adventures are quite different... our paths do meet occasionally. It's the small things you do that makes me feel...loved, like buying me Starburst lollies, or understanding me before I even mention the problem. For that I thank you.
dear daddy: You are my motivation. I appreciate all the care you have ever offered me. I love how you have trusted me, even though the trust meant that I have to meet a lot of expectations. (: I hope I can always bring a smile to your how you make me smile. Even when you give me hugs and I start whining ...I'm not actually whining inside teehee. I know this is a bit personal, but I will keep trying to get you to quit smoking. I must. I know I can.
gosh. why is this song so depressing. Time check: 4:oo on the un-updated clock. Waking up at 6 o'clock real time.

TWO)happiness... as I realise how perfect this life really is. The connections I make aren't merely coincidental, I believe that fate is at play here and so is luck. I would gladly say that I am lucky to be given such supportive friends. The flaws in my life only make me stronger, I grow with each mistake I make and I am still growing... I finally appreciate the different aspects of my identity (: this might sound like a rant about what I portray as my skills) I love my artsy fartsy creativity^^, taste in food and my not so bad voice! my dream person to be: an all-rounded person, one who is good at nearly everything XD

Anyways, I have finished my notes for my first related text YAYYYYYY! Now I'm off to start dreaming... or go into a deep state of REM since I'm gonna sleep for only hour WOW CRAZY LOL. BYEE! I LOVE THIS WORLDD!

me at 5am no make-up + greasy hair + new jacket :L

Monday, October 4, 2010

8 days left

It does not feel like the end of a year, merely a beginning to the life ahead of us. This big task we're about to face is simply another steppingstone we have to overcome in our life. Okay...*peels off mask* WHOLLYMOTHERFRIGGINGOD HSC is in a week's time. GOODNESS ME! TIME FLIES when I procrastinate! How on earth did a year pass by so quickly?!? With so much to do and so little time... I think I might have to pull allnighters this week. :/ I cannot go to sleep with a guilty conscious, that is why I always stay up to try and squeeze in an extra hour of study.

Anyhow, just a funny memory... when I was young, my sister and I would love following mum into the seafood stores. We'd look at all the different fish and interesting shelled creatures in store. We'd always have this mini competition, the person who would poke the biggest fish eye wins. I used to find that poking fish eyes is funny/fun and so did my sister. Wow what were we thinking!LOL

Okay that's it, back to englishing!