Thursday, October 21, 2010

another lovely day at the library

I spent so less today :L only a papa roti bun and sugar cane juice (yum!). I am currently listening to music and msning fwensss lol. Today was a very good and productive day, nearly finished one math paper at a slow pace so I can absorb stuff. I keep looking at the answers HORRID! Newman brought his basketball today, yayyy to playing basketball at 5pm. lol AmandaT chucked the ball from the bush and it got in-holy cow- Anyhow, I just has steak with my family at this place in Canley Vale and now I feel as though I can walk a mile before I sleep! hehe I will diet for the formal one dayyy XD . random pics: lol poor babyjust random, wowww this is the prettiest thing I've ever seen
I wanna do this again this time around when we visit vietnam!
I found this pic lying on my comp woww how tann!

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  1. the white statue in the background makes you look even darker LOL how dare you play basketball without me ? >=[