Wednesday, November 3, 2010

summer summer summer

*high school musical scene*
What time is it?
Time of our lives. Anticipation!
I am anticipating the end of this physicsss exam! Only exactly 12hours to go! Soon it'll be single digits! SO excited about finishing! I have been waiting for this moment for soo long, too long I reckon.. That's right miss proactive right after hsc, I will not sit around "NO sir no!", I will go places do things I've been putting aside since the start of year 11. Firstly, starting with a city trip tomorrow! (:
I'm gonna dress up for once, no more dressing like a guy (hoodie/guy tee + tights everyday). I cannot wait to watch the sunset by the harbour, must must see! I hope we make it on time ^^. Gosh I use so many exclamations and hyper talk! Wouldn't this world be a great artwork if it were painted in colours or animated xD. I am currently on my physic break for 15min, wow studying has never been so effective. I can feel my blood coursing through my body at the thought of FINISHING EVERYTHING! Never have I ever studied twice as fast or felt the need to study this much before...maybe it's the thought of not touching physics ever again that is fueling my eagerness. Anyhow... there's exactly 9hours left to CRAM everything into my brain if I'm actually sticking to my 'ALL-NIGHTER FOR the LAST EXAM EVER' plan. I'm working my butt off like I will never study again (even though uni is even tougher, but I will forget about that now). looking less bomb at 1am


  1. you .. fricken .. suck >.>" STUBBORN ASS, THICK HEADED GIRL >=[ GO TO SLEEP *sighs ==" btw wearing tights is dressing as a guy ? O_O i dont wear tights .. what do i dress as ? .. actually dont answer that x]

  2. LOL sissy allan :)

    LOOOOOL butt

    ... my legs hurt. WHAT A MASSIVE WORKOUT