Sunday, November 7, 2010

my awesome carefreee post hsc treatment

recap: on the night after phys quyen and I went to the city! We enjoyed fish and chips by the harbour, watching an awesome 'fiery' display by the waters (which made quyen flinch)lol. Oh yes we looked for the new Westfields and ended up walking for like hour, following quyen's instincts "Ooh a Westfields sign. let's follow it"...which led us to some random hotel. mad quyen. LOL. Anyhow, then we pursued a wonderful shopping experience at market city. One of the stores sold really reallly cheap dresses :o we spent agesss in there. (: Next up, Chinatown! We spotted these handsome/ hot non asian boys modelling for a shoot in china town. Then next up, PHOENIX! The karaoke room was really really mad! Wwe sung for an hour for $5(great value)! *sorry for hogging*

I learnt how to drive yesterday! My first drive everrr! Dad taught me the basics, aka the hand brakes and what not. I drove up and down the street. Then dad's like(while I was driving on a straight strip of road), "turn left here".
me: " WUTT! I can't turn! I don't know how to turn."
I just missed the pole by a few metres. nice. Then when I learnt how to turn, aka only one turn ... dad's like okay now up ahead turn left on the main road then back into the next street. * freak show expression on my face* me: MAIN ROAD??? not gonna die .

haa.... good times (:CAn't wait til my nest driving lesson.

OOH yes! I have a new carr!....well my parents have a new car, a white lovely nice one that looks very luxurious. Heaps better than the green wombat mum drives in. WOO!

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    Sounds like you're heaving heaaaps of fun post hsc, and whoo hoo driving! :)