Wednesday, November 24, 2010

busy beee busy bee

I worked today, will work tomorrow and on friday. I actually enjoy catching the train in the morning and after work when the sun is setting and the view from macarthur station is soo lovely(with that lovely meadow nearby). Downside? The hurlstone juniors crowding the train in the morning farr. Anyhow when I work the hours pass by so quickly and soon enough I have my lunch break. Since I know jack all about cameras ..and their lenses I usually serve customers with a great cheesy grin, in case I get stuff wrong then they cannot get pissed a the new trainee.Anyways I thought this was funny, but in my lunch break I went to grab an iced choc at gloria jeans. When they asked for a name I just said 'jenny' to remove the hassle of them asking for my name again and how to spell it. I waited nearby and when they called 'jenny' no one answered. I did'nt respond to the name jenny until 5min later...good job. Anyhow I served customers, printed stuff, unpacked supplies, priced frames and trolleyed a trolley of cardboard to the big recycler. I literally disappeared behind the trolley stacked with cardboard. So, from onlookers, all they could see is this trolley stacked with cardboard moving by itself. (: Why are the train trips sooo sleepy!
yes now I am off to bed *cough* more like watch one episode of my second drama ever LOL. goodnight my lovely bunnies!


  1. how did you land a job when you dont know anything about cameras ? =/ but im so envious right now, i wish i had a job too =( it seems fun :3 why jenny though ?